Wholesale Supply

SwEll Coffee has been supplying coffee up and down the South Coast of NSW since 2013. We pride ourselves on being reliable and supportive, while offering a product that is delicious, consistent and locally roasted.

We're always excited when approached about supplying our coffee to a new or existing cafe, it means we must be doing something right. Like any quality food product, you can't just buy some quality beans with a great reputation and expect customers to flock to your business. It takes a level of skill and experience to make good coffee, and having the right equipment sure does help, especially when you're in the middle of a crazy service period.

We'd love to hear from you if:

- You have plans for a new business or have an existing cafe and would like to partner with someone that cares about your success.

- You are committed to serving great coffee, with a willingness to invest in yourself and your staff to ensure they have the right skills.

As an experienced wholesale coffee supplier our main focus is to support our customers to produce consistently good coffee. Consistency equals happy customers. Happy customers are repeat customers.

Wholesale Customer Testimonials

  • Taylors Healthy Grocer - Wollongong

    “We’ve been working with Swell Coffee for over 5 years and they’ve been incredibly supportive. Swell Coffee helped us build from the ground up with equipment recommendations and staff training, and then used their experience to seamlessly adjust our systems as volume increased. They are genuinely invested in the growth and success of our business, and this is reflected in the excellent service and technical support they provide. The Cafe Blend offers a great black coffee that is consistent across roasts and also beautiful in milk based coffee. Working with a local company with high expertise and professionalism is invaluable to us, and we truly believe the service they offer is above and beyond.”

  • 5 Little Pigs - Huskisson

    “We have been using Swell Coffee since opening in 2013. After speaking to a number of coffee companies it was obvious to us that Swell Coffee had a genuine interest in the success of our business. Their Cafe Blend has been a hit with locals and visitors alike, beautifully roasted and always consistent. Partnering with Swell Coffee allows us to concentrate on running our business knowing there’s always someone close by if we need anything. At 5 Little Pigs we’re focused on serving a quality product time and time again, Swell Coffee has helped us achieve this. We can highly recommend talking to the team at Swell Coffee.”

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